Requirements for all Academies except IB

25 hours of community service must be documented by the end of your 9th grade year, 10th grade year, and 11th grade year. This process ensures that all academy students have completed their 75 hours of community service by the end of their Junior year at Coral Reef. Documentation of your hours will take on the form of a letter (on official letterhead) from the organization with which you have been volunteering. You should complete the Community Service Project Form & Log upon completion of your project (regardless of the year).

Before beginning a project, however, make an appointment with your counselor to discuss it's suitability.

Documentation is due the first week of May.

The community service project you choose should also reflect your personal interests and skills. In addition, worthwhile community service projects require an on-going commitment on your part. Additionally, all hours completed should be done at a non-for-profit agency.

A minimum of 75 hours of community service are required for graduation.
The requirement for the highest level of award from Bright Futures is 100 hours even though you only need 75 to graduate. 

Completion of this requirement isinclusive of the 75 hours of community service.

Please visit the Community Service Bulletin Board in the Guidance Wing for volunteer opportunities.